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Press Release


Tagline: Two photographers in Paris question each other’s style: What drives art? Passion or reason?



The Decisive Moment follows the life of two young photographers in Paris, Henry, and Camille. They have very different approaches to their work. Is the creative process a commitment to analytical reason or a passionated inspiration?

They are so different and yet so similar.

The film is a homage to the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, who was able to combine analytical reason and passionate inspiration in his perfectly composed photographs. He did this in the spare of a moment, a Decisive Moment.


About the Producer/Writer/Director:

Eduardo Rufeisen has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the prestigious South American University, UNICAMP (Universidade Estadual de Campinas), a Graduate degree in Marketing from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing in São Paulo, Brazil and a Master’s of Fine Arts degree (MFA) in Motion Pictures and Television from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. He has more than 18 years of international experience producing, directing, and managing creative teams and crews. He was the Marketing Manager of MTV-Brazil where he created television ad campaigns and managed the sales team. He also worked for BAND, a Brazilian Television Network, producing more than 100 different shows and documentaries. He has produced and directed multi-camera TV shows for San Francisco Bay Area channels and multinational companies including Google, Yahoo, Apigee, Hewlett Packard and CreaTV. He has also produced, directed and edited numerous award-winning films, documentaries, and commercials seen nationally on ABC, MTV, Lifetime, WB, and Fox. He worked as the Director of the School of Motion Pictures and Television at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he ran the department operations, directed acting portfolios scenes/films and taught MFA and BFA Producing/Directing classes. 

Currently, he runs his own film production company and teaches film in 4 Colleges in the Bay Area.


Writer/Producer/Director Eduardo Rufeisen


Production Company:




Actors and Crew


Director of Photography/Associate Producer: Phil Briggs

Actress/Associate Producer: Camille Grenier


Actor: Cyril Durel
Actress: Suzanne Marrot
Actor: Adam Thayer
Actress: Rose Mezghrani
Camille Crenn
Morgane Goaziou
Louise Le Riche-Lozac'hmeur
Sound Recordist: David Chernick
Camera Assistant: Pauline Boireau
Production Assistant:  Kayla Cashetta
Editor: Wes Sneeringer
Post Production Artist:  Vince De Quattro
Music Composer: Brain Zinola
Colorist: Paul Cope

Sound Designer: Gregory Robinson
(Foley, Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, and Final Mix)
Crew and actors displayed in order of involvement in the project.


Technical Information:

  • Shot in Paris and at the Cours Florent Drama School

  • Camera used: Red Dragon 6K with Canon Cine Primes

  • Edited on Abobe Premiere Pro

  • Duration 20 minutes


Special Thanks:

  • Canon U.S.A Inc - Cine Lens

  • Cours Florent Drama School, Paris

  • Grenier Family

  • Chernick Family

  • Tomboy Restaurant, Paris

  • GregRobinsong Recording 


Attached is a print out of this page:















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